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Lung Cancer Screening Specialist

Igor Chernyavskiy, MD -  - Pulmonologist

Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders of New York

Igor Chernyavskiy, MD

Pulmonologist & Allergist located in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

At his state-of-the-art facilities in Sheepshead Bay, Dr. Chernyavskiy uses advanced technology to perform lung cancer screening in his Brooklyn, NY patients, detecting the disease in its earliest stages when it's most likely to respond favorably to treatment.

Lung Cancer Screening Q&A

What is lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening is a test used to look for very early signs of the disease. While anyone can undergo screening, it's typically recommended for older adults who smoke, other long-term smokers and people with specific risk factors.

Why is lung cancer screening performed?

Treatment for lung cancer is most successful when the disease is caught in its earliest stages. Since tobacco smoking is one of the most well-known risk factors for developing lung cancer, performing lung cancer screening in current and former heavy smokers can be a good way of improving the chances of successful treatment.

How is lung cancer screening performed?

Lung cancer screening uses low-dose CT (computerized tomography) scanning to produce highly-detailed 3-D images of your lungs. CT scans use computers to create complete pictures of your organs as well as individual “slices” that enable your doctor to look at each area of your lung individually, slice by slice, increasing the likelihood small lesions and other lung cancer signs can be caught. During the screening test, you'll lie on your back on an exam table, which will slowly slide you into the CT scanner. Unlike an MRI scanner that is very narrow, a CT scanner is wide and donut-shaped, so you don't have to worry about feeling too closed in. You may be asked to hold your breath during imaging and you'll have to lie very still to avoid blurry images. The scan itself takes just a few minutes to complete, and your entire appointment will take about a half hour. No sedation is used and the screening is completely noninvasive. Once your scan is complete, you'll be able to get dressed and resume your regular activities.

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